About us

    ”Sojeccy” ESTATE AGENCY, based in Gdynia at 5A Plocka St. Provides reakl estate services in the are of Tricity and its neighbouring lands.

    The company was created in September 2003 out of the initiative of Mr Jacek and Mrs Malwina Sojecki who remain its owners. Our clients are private persons as well as large companies and capital groups. A few experienced agents are ready to help you in sale, purchase and rent of any kind of estate.

    Account number: 86 1050 1764 1000 0022 7430 1635

    We guarantee a nice, professional and discreet service. Our database holds a wide range of over a few thousand offers, both our own and the ones belonging to the national general network of real estate agencies.

    As a part of our services we help our clients with taking care of all the administrative and law matters, gaining a bank loan, estimating the estate value, investment counseling.

    Our office is open Monday through Friday, 9 am – 5 pm.


    Our offer includes:


    • Brokerage in sale and purchase transactions
    • Brokerage in lease and rent transactions
    • Brokerage in industrial estate transactions
    • Brokerage in granting mortgage loans
    • Insurance brokerage (home insurances)


    Why is it worth using our services?


    We offer professional and effective help in estate sale/purchase/rent/lease transactions and a taking care of all the client’s matters in a complex way, preparing initiatory contracts, counseling in selecting a mortgage loan and ability to pay it, complex house insurance, additional services for clients who are not using are services, e.g. preparing a contract, checking a legal status of the estate, etc.




    Carolines Interior Design – assistance in adaptation of estate to the requirements of investors – individual projects and interior arragngmenets. Individual concepts reflecing the expectations, tastes  and esthetic requiremements of each client.


    You are welcome: Karolina Łuczyńska – carolines.pl
    tel.: +48 577-188-024
    e-mail: [email protected]






    Feng Shui – it’s art, construction culture, knowledge about the interial structure of homes, apartments, properties as well as family , partner or professional life  which should be planned from the very first moment of designing the house, apartment, work-place or recreation places. 
    If you need professional advice, project, help in creation of an ideal place in each sphere of your life you are welcome.


    You are welcome: Remigiusz Senska – fengshui99.pl
    tel.: +48 501-148-122
    e-mail: [email protected]