Charges calculator

    Charges when buying a property

    Price of a real property: 
    Tax on civil law transactions (stamp duty):PLN

    Choose a kind of ownership:

    The right of co-operative property


    Notarial fee:

    VAT on notarial fee:


    Direct offerAgency commission: 
    VAT on agency commission:
    PLN ** PLN

    Court fee for opening land and mortgage register: PLN
    Extracts notarial per pagesn: PLN
    Court fee for entry in the land and mortgages register / Entry into a court register:PLN
    Court fee for establishing the mortgagei:PLN
    All additional charges:PLN

      * – commiossion for direct offers is 0 PLN


    Note – The calculator presents approximate charges connected with the purchase of a real property, it doesn’t include e.g.:


    • registration fee for the cooperative (registration fee is not mandatory according to judgement of the Court of Justice)
    • remaining costs of the loan -due to the number of variants applied by creditors.